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help myact

myact list

List all the personal actions which you have created for yourself.

myact list <person>

List all the personal actions that <person> has set on themselves.

myact show <action>

List each component of an action you have defined, together with what it looks like to other people.

myact dump <action>

Shows the raw action string, with its colour codes and action tokens.

myact show <action> <player>
myact dump <action> <player>

As above, but gives the details of an action set on the specified player.

myact do <action>

Use the action. You may provide additional arguments, such as text, or a target if need be.

myact get <action> <player>

Copies an action from another player, assuming that the action exists and that it won't interact badly with your existing actions.

myact erase <action> <type>

Erases a specific component of an action. If type is "unt" for example, the untargetted version of the specified action is removed. If type is excluded altogether, all components of the action are erased together with any aliases to it.

myact add <action> <type> <string>

Adds an action component. For example "targ" will add a targetted version. Read the information files for myact and apron for details of what an action string should look like.